I have my weight lose journal backup and running
I have my dieting and exercise journal back up and running. Comment to add. Thanks

So this is a friends only journal

Comment to add me.

Even though they are a "fad"...
I want a large anchor necklace so bad. Not the stupid plastic kind ,but a nice sturdy metal one. It would go well with the anchor "costume" shoes I purchased not to long ago.

I am a big fan of trolling etsy ,but you see some weird shit on there.


I get people trying to cash out on silly teenagers ,but come on enough is enough with the Twilight fan crap and yes I mean crap.


Who does not want to cuddle up with a giant Uterus?You can also purchase varies other accessories featuring your favorite women parts.


I do not get why you would want or need this. So the next time you run your neighbors dog over having one to many intimate moments with your favorite men "Jim" and "Jack" you guilt present to give them?

Lame first post ,but whatever.


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